Teknical is leader in the calibration and certification of control instruments and safety valves for offshore and industrial field. Our expertise comes from a long family tradition since 1950 with the goal of continuous improvement...

Teknical operates mainly on offshore and onshore Rigs, testing all the main system's security and control instrument as pressure gauges and relief valves. We are the solution for all those items that cannot be sent in the laboratory such...

Satisfaction and care for the customer  is  our goal.

Teknical is oriented to meet the customer needs through the applicable legal requirements, in the best way, in order to pursue a "continuous improvement" as a key element of success ...

TEKNICAL Snc di Zanni Andrea e C. - Loc. Campilunghi 192 - 15060 Fraconalto (AL) - P.I. (VAT) 02354550069

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